Best Gas Grills 2019

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The gas grills use gas as the source for fuel. As the gas are burned, we get the necessary heat, from the embers produced, to cook our food. But you should know picking the best gas grills are so important to the beginners.

Weber-Stephen Products Red Performer Grill 1424001 Gas Grill is the right option for those who are thinking for the Best Gas Grills and want to free themselves from the gas grill.

Some of the features are:

  • The cooking area is quite big, 363 inches square.
  • Provides a gas ignition feature and has named it as "Touch-N-Go".
  • Has a rust proof vent made of aluminium.
  • A bowl of size 22-1/2′ and is made of porcelain, thus helps even radiation of heat.
  • A thermometer is provided at the top of the lid.
  • A lid-holder, made of wire is also provided so that the user can easily handle the grill.
  • A basket is provided to keep the fuel and can store up to 20lb of gas.
  • A cooking grate is provided and is plated with nickel and is hinged in structure.
  • The work table is made of thermosetting plastic material, called thermoset and is dark grey in colour.
  • A shelf, made of wire is provided at the bottom of the work station.
  • 1-touch cleaning feature is present, made of stainless steel.
  • An ash holder is also given which can be easily removed for cleaning purpose.
  • Propane bottles of size 14.1 OZ or 16 OZ are present and are disposable in nature and can serve for a maximum number of 12 ignitions of duration of 10 minutes.
  • Wheel covers and covering for took-hooks are also given.
  • The cart frame is made of heavy silver.
  • It is available in red colour.

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